And so it goes on…

A long overdue blog post, providing there’s anyone out there reading this… My time over the last six weeks has mostly been spent staring at the League One table. Yes, the internet really is wasted on me.

It has been a brilliant start to the season. The way the new players – all 574 of them – have blended into the club and made such a fantastic start has been impressive and left a really good feel about the ground.

Last night however, was appalling. I’m not too fussed, as the cup really is a waste of time and something that we could do without. The manner of the defeat was disappointing though. I’ve been a Charlton fan since 1996 and yesterday was only the second time i’ve left early. (The previous time being when Stockport thrashed us 3-1 at home, Paul Mortimer scored a belter). I can cope with defeat, it’s just a shame that we went out with such a whimper in front of the TV cameras.

As i dragged myself along the back of the West Stand i heard the “oooohhhh” as (i think) Scott Wagstaff finally got the home side a shot in. I saw this on a nearby TV screen. I had a deep sense of guilt in having left early. I felt i was being stared at as i started the: “excuse me… thanks… excuse me… thanks” of shuffling past my fellow sufferers, who were mentally strong enough to stay until the final whistle.

Speaking of those annoying people who leave early (of which i was one yesterday), during football for a fiver weekend i had to stand up to let a young(ish) couple past and missed Bradley Wright Phillips’ goal, and no doubt all those behind me missed it too, as i lurched my 6ft 1in frame out of my chair. To those behind me, i apologise, and to those i stood up for… i curse you!!

Onwards and upwards though. I don’t suppose anyone really cares about the JPT. I’m looking forward to another great game at the weekend, another great victory. Our winning streak in the league won’t last forever, and when that first defeat comes, let’s just take it on the chin. Don’t panic. This is the best Charlton side we have had for a while now, who look more than capable of rising to the challenge.


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4 Responses to And so it goes on…

  1. ExiledAddick says:

    I remember the Mortimer goal you are talking about. But do you remember the one he scored against Man City in 1990 when he basically walked past 3 players and then beat the keeper?

  2. Hungry Ted says:

    I too left early. But I, like you, still felt guilty, which is total and utter madness considering the awful performance!

    Last time I left early was many years back when we was 2-4 down to Norwich with around 5 mins left to play. You may recall, Leaburn and Jason Lee both scored in stopage time to earn us a 4-4 draw, but I only realised that when I got back to my car and heard the scores role in. Gutted! Worst still, I had to pretend I saw the goals (I would have fallen flat if I’d been asked to describe them!!!) as I was so embaressed to have missed such a dramatic end to the game.

    That memory still haunts me to this day!!!

    • Charles Hudson says:

      I remember Paul Mortimer scoring an absoloute cracker againsts Leeds away when we lost 3-1, a young Alan Smith got the headlines that day for his goal but mortimers was better and wasnt even nominated for goal of the month!!.

    • The Norwich game was a cracker! That was my second ever game at the valley. Mortimer was a mercurial character, it was a shame he was so injury prone.

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