What a start!

It might make me sound sad, but I always get a bit of a lump in my throat when the teams run out to the red red robin.

The videos on the new screen don’t help either, showing all those great moments from our past that seem literally a life time ago. However……

Having not made it to The Valley for months, I have made it twice in a week now, with two very different results. I will skip over the Scunthorpe game as the Reading game is far more interesting to talk about.

The night games have always been my favourite and Tuesday didn’t disappoint. There’s something about the atmosphere, the darkness, that makes a win seem that much better when it’s at night. Only poor finishing meant we weren’t 3-0 up within ten minutes but it was just a great performance. In the long run it could prove counter productive as I’m sure all fans would prefer promotion to all the extra games that a cup run inevitably brings, but let’s not dwell on that for now.

Reading were pretty much outplayed were they not?! It was brilliant that we fielded a completely new team and yet they played in such an accomplished fashion to give the manager that cliched ‘headache’ for the next game. Bradley Pritchard was immense, Yado Mambo looked like he’d been there for years, Ben Hamer pulled off some good stops, even Simon Francis put in a great performance.

Having walked away from The Valley on Saturday feeling like I’d just witnessed a defeat, I walked away on Tuesday night feeling as euphoric as I felt some 13 years ago when I walked down Wembley Way in the shirt of a newly crowned Premiership club. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times that I’m comparing a win against a Championship side on a wet Tuesday evening to the finest day in the club’s history, but never mind. I felt great; full of enthusiasm and positive thoughts, which isn’t common for a Charlton fan!

Everyone keeps saying how we should keep our feet on the ground, how it is only August but who cares?! We are excited, we are positive, and we are all looking forward to every game, going into it feeling that we have a great chance, no matter who we are playing.

Long may it continue.

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