Signings keep on coming

I’ve not blogged in ages because I haven’t been able to keep up with the phenomenal rate of signings so far, but the latest one has drawn me to the keyboard…..

Of all the signings this year, I’ve been excited and it has made me really look forward to the new season, but the signing of another goalkeeper has surely raised more eyebrows than my own.

We have now got more goalkeepers at the club than we have strikers, at a club where historically, scoring goals has always been an issue. The great thing about strikers, any position in fact, is that you can adjust your formation to accommodate more of them, but you can’t do this with the keeper.

John Sullivan looked good on loan last year, Rob Elliot is Charlton through and through, we have a couple ‘for the future’ but those signings almost seem pointless if we have three senior keepers.  Premier League teams perhaps can afford this embarrassment of riches in the goalie department but for a League One team that, by the Chairman’s admission, was leaking money like a sieve, surely we can’t afford to be so well endowed, for want of a better phrase!

Rumours now are rife that Rob Elliot is on his way, which i think would be a big mistake. But with Elliot saying he wants to stay, and Chris Powell saying he wants him to stay, it just makes this latest signing a little confusing.

Goalkeepers aside, there seem to be some good, positive vibes coming out of the squad. With Johnnie Jackson back as well I think the talk of promotion could be a little more realistic than last year. Although this time last year we were starting the season with an almost entirely new squad, they seemed to be waifs and strays that Phil Parkinson could pick up on the cheap/free. With a bit of money now thrown at the team this has to be our season….


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