Comings and… comings

I have been pondering updating my blog for some time but in the back of my mind I kept deciding it was worth waiting as by the time I would have finished writing, Chris Powell probably would have signed a few more players!

The signings are coming thick and fast now and it leaves me really excited about the coming season. Cautious excitement mind you…

For quite a few years now I’ve thought, “this is our season” and for quite some years now it hasn’t. Chris Powell though is getting the players in thick and fast and seems to be going for Alan Curbishley’s tried and tested criteria of players that WANT to play for Charlton and that are *cliche alert* “hungry”.

I really can’t wait for the new season to begin. There seem to be a lot of midfielders arriving, which is interesting. Reid and Racon have gone, it appears that Semedo will go and a couple of those remaining are obviously not rated by Powell. It’s good to get rid of players who are playing for Charlton because it’s their job, and because they’re paid, rather than because they really want to play for the club and do well for the club.

I still think we need a good pacey centre back now but, as I’ve said, perhaps by the time I click “upload” we will have signed one. Or two maybe….

It’s a sign of the times these days that with more or less every signing that we make now requires a bit of Google research. Did anyone have to Google Paulo Di Canio when he signed?!

Well, tough luck. There’s no point dwelling on it. Times have changed. It looks like the new players are as excited about the new season as we are. Paul Hayes has made some positive comments on his Twitter feed and the interviews with the new players make good reading.

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone is urging the new season forward and getting a chance to see some of our new team in action.

Role on August.

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