“Our” season

I was sitting in bed this morning playing with my… (stop it!)… iPad2 when i stumbled across an absolute cracker of an article about the most important player for Charlton from the late 90s…. Michael Gray.

If you’re interested, you can read it here; I would highly recommend it. It echoes my opinion that it wasn’t Michael Gray that lost the Play Off Final for Sunderland, but actually Lionel Perez.

It was a great read about how one moment can define a career. Everyone has one. Michael Howard’s would probably be “that interview” with Jeremy Paxman; Liz Hurley’s would be wearing “that dress” and Ryan Gigg’s … Well, nevermind but it got me thinking about the coming season and whether it will define Chris Powell’s career. Hopefully it will… and in a good way of course!

There have been some good signings so far this summer and hopefully there will be some more to come. A quick Google search on Charlton also found that Jose Semedo is apparently in talks with Sheffield Wednesday. From what I read, he wants to stay at Charlton for the rest of his career and Charlton want to keep him so it’s curious that these talks are taking place, if indeed they are, but hopefully he will stay with us.

I can’t say I was too fussed about Jenkinson going. Sure, he will be a good player but we hadn’t come to rely on him like we had on Scott Parker when he left for Chelsea way back when so i don’t think his departure will be too much of a blow for the team. Having said that, if i was an Arsenal fan i wouldn’t be too impressed. Arsenal need to stop being so tight and spend some proper cash on established players that can walk into the first team and make an immediate impression. Jenkinson doesn’t fit this bill and I wonder what the chatter will be like on the Emirates’ terraces about this one…

I was pleased to see Ross Worner getting a new club pretty sharpish. I used to live in Aldershot and often popped round to the ground for the evening fixtures after work. I have fond memories of the place, despite its reputation, and the club is a whole lot more successful than it was when i used to go so hopefully Ross will do well there. I think he was a bit unfortunate to be released. His shot stopping capabilities were without question but i think he will always struggle with coming for those crosses. As a goalkeeper you really do need to be at least a six footer. A good reserve keeper for us, no less. Perhaps if Mr Perez had been a couple of feet taller then he would have caught “that cross”.

So back to our season. If Chris Powell were to be sacked today we would be spoilt for choice on who to replace him with. Alex McLeish, Billy Davies, Mark Hughes! But Sir Chris is now busy rebuilding the squad that lost their way last season. I’m not fussed about seeing people like Llera leave us, and I think Sullivan was a cracking signing. We haven’t had any serious competition in the goalkeeping department for quite some time so that should prove interesting.

A few flair players in midfield, a 25-goal a season striker and a rock solid couple of defenders (Oh how i long for the days of Jorge Costa) and I reckon this will be our, and Sir Chris’s, season.

Is it too much to ask for….?!

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