Dreaming of Kevin Phillips

It’s possible that Charlton were responsible for one of the most disappointing moments of Kevin Phillips’ career. Deprived of lifting a trophy in the shadows of the famous Twin Towers of Wembley Stadium by probably the greatest hat trick ever scored at Wembley. (Though no one other than CAFC fans would ever admit this as it wasn’t scored by a household name)

You’d probably forgive him, therefore, if he never wanted to hear the name Charlton Athletic ever again. However, time is a great healer; can anyone actually believe it was THIRTEEN years ago that we were Wembley victors?

Anyway, i digress. I was listening to TalkSPORT earlier this afternoon and up popped Kevin Phillips, talking about the disappointment of being relegated with Birmingham. He went on to say that he was 90% sure that he would be leaving Birmingham for pastures new, and that he had a “proven pedigree” in helping clubs get promoted.

Now, perhaps it’s a sign of the times that i’m thinking this is a dream that will never become reality, but wouldn’t it be great if he signed for Charlton?

Getting old he may be (in footballing terms at least) but some people were born to score goals and Kevin Phillips is one of them. Would he be willing to drop to League One? Probably not, but if he was then i’d imagine it would be to a promotion contender. (Is it presumptuous to think that we might be in the mix for promotion at a third time of asking?!)

I reckon the sight of him walking into the training ground on the first day of pre season training would be a great sight, a great motivator to all the other player, and to the fans? A sign that we will score a significant number of goals.

So here’s my plea to Kevin Phillips. Join us!!

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3 Responses to Dreaming of Kevin Phillips

  1. Kings hill Addick says:

    Frankly, I’d tke him in a shot.

    Welcome to the Charlton Bloggers.

  2. Baz says:

    Everyone would take him like a shot. Would he drop down to League 1 though?

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