End of season sale

Well, two very important things have happened this week.

Firstly, this wretched season has finished. One that started with much promise, like a bottle of economy Cola, very quickly lost its fizz and left a bitter taste in the mouth.

The second important thing was that i FINALLY got an internet connection in my house. I’ve only lived here two years, procrastination at its absolute finest!

There were many names i was expecting to see on the list of players who would be leaving us, one i was disappointed to see was that of Ross Worner. On the occasions he got to play i thought he did quite well. I think the one thing counting against him is his height. He was a fine shot stopper but there were many players in the division that could out jump him when it came to those crosses being whipped into the box and it was when he looked his weakest.

Speaking of crosses being whipped into the box, it looks as if Kyel Reid will be leaving too. Disappointing yes, surprising no. His ability to come on and trouble defenders is beyond question so one can only presume that something is going on behind the scenes. I think that both of these decisions will come back to haunt us sooner rather than later.

It must be pretty tough being a lower league footballer. All we ever hear about is the pampered Premier League footballers, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds each. But for people like Ross Worner, you can safely presume he wasn’t on bumper wages and now that income has stopped. Where will the next pay cheque come from? Over the last few months i’ve been going through a similar uncertainty about my future in my own job (which isn’t as exciting as being a footballer!) and it’s a difficult time; I’ve come through the other side unscathed and i hope they do too. I feel for them.

What is for sure though is that they are going to be the first of many. It sounds as though we are going to be starting next season in very much a similar fashion to this one – 10 new players in the starting XI trying to blend in with each other.

Having had to work a number of weekends recently i’ve missed the last few CAFC games. I know i didn’t miss much as we didn’t have anything to play for, but i missed being there. I missed the drive up the motorway, getting programme, if it was a big game then dodging the horse pooh! It all makes for a special day, win, lose or draw and i can’t wait for next season to begin.

Let’s hope its a better one than 2010/11!

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3 Responses to End of season sale

  1. Hungry Ted says:

    Welcome to the world of CAFC blogging!

  2. Good to get a new, additional and thoughtful perspective on things.

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