Season over for me

I’m annoyed today.

The perils of not having a 9-5 Monday to Friday job mean that i won’t make it to The Valley for the rest of the season.

I suppose it could be worse. At least I am not missing a promotion charge, or one of those must-win games that guarantees your promotion to a better, richer league.

The question i contemplated with a couple of Twitter followers over the last week was this: In a year’s time will Chris Powell still be the manager?

Controversial i know but the facts don’t lie. He was definitely a public relations appointment. A legend amongst fans, respected throughout the game, the new owners knew that they would immediately endear themselves to the fans with this appointment. It’s early days at the moment but it is going to have to be a very busy summer for Mr P and his staff if he is going to put together a promotion winning team.

I would be the first to admit i wasn’t the biggest fan of Phil Parkinson’s style of play. It was messy and it wasn’t always successful but it got us to the play offs last season and it had us in a reasonable position when he was sacked earlier in the season.

I feel sorry for Phil Parkinson. As assistant to Alan Pardew he was never going to be the fans’ choice to take over and he had zero cash to spend. He actually managed to get some half decent players into the squad, despite having no financial backing and no real selling point when trying to lure players in. He was doomed to fail really.

Still, that’s in the past now and i really want Chris Powell to succeed because i love him as much as the rest of the fans do. But ask yourself this; would the fans be so accepting of our final league position this year if it were someone else in charge? Iain Dowie? Phil Parkinson? Would we be calling for them to be sacked? Because of his status around the club, Chris Powell seems to be getting a lot less stick than other managers might do.

With any luck, this time next season he will have already got us promoted, got a Manager of the Year award under his belt and kept hold of our best players.

But i shall have to wait a year to see if i’m right or wrong….

Finally, thanks to everyone who has popped along to my blog to have a read. Since i set it up I’ve now beaten the 100 hits mark, which is very pleasing!!

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