Dailly gets dirty at 1530 (ish)

For us hardened, long suffering fans, the season has been over for quite some time. For Christian Dailly, his season is definitely over now having suffered his THIRD dismissal of the season.

Despite my headline, which i really only used because it rhymes, i really wouldn’t consider Christian Dailly a dirty player. Is it the years that are catching up with him? I don’t think that could be the excuse for his latest red but as a club that should be looking to get promoted, should we have a captain who can get sent off three times in one season? I really like Christian Dailly and hope he will stick around for another season but, as age takes his course, i have doubts over whether he should be playing every week.

It’s fairly obvious that there are a lot of players within the team that Chris Powell doesn’t want at the club. From recent selections i guess Kyel Reid is one of these. This is a real shame as he has the pace and skill to scare defenders, especially at the level that Charlton now play, but yet he is more or less left out every week. I’m intrigued to know what has gone on behind the scenes. Both Kyel Reid and Nathan Eccleston have posted a couple of unprofessional tweets on their respective Twitter feeds that suggest all is not well.

So who will go? My guesses include McCormack, Francis, Doherty, Jenkinson, Reid and Youga from the ‘not wanted’ pile. I fear that a couple of others might get snapped up by other teams, but have already mentioned those in a previous blog.

I think this summer is going to see the biggest overhaul since when Iain Dowie joined the club, only hopefully a tad more successful!

I have recently found myself working alongside TWO Millwall fans who seem to be on a bit of a loop and repeatedly mention the four goal drubbings that we experienced last season. Hopefully, under Chris Powell’s leadership, it won’t be long before we are playing them again and the four goals are in our favour.

Keep the faith.

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