Dashed hopes

Well, the signs of a revival have disappeared and it’s back to business as usual, being beaten.

I’m actually writing this before the full time whistle in the desperate hope that i’m proved wrong. I hate being proved wrong but this is the one time i think i would quite like it.

We are so inconsistent it hurts!

I wasn’t able to be at the Valley this weekend for the victory against Orient, and have spent the week thus far cursing my luck at missing two rare events; A) a victory and B) Jose Semedo scoring.

It was great to hear of his emotion at scoring and read some really positive comments from him about wanting to stay at the club for life. With that sort of attitude you are half way there.

I remember reading Alan Curbishley’s book where he said that he knew what he was getting when he bought Steve Jones; it wasn’t a 20 goal a season man but it was someone who would put his foot in where it hurts and really play for the club and that is what we need – people who not only want to play, but want to play for Charlton too. Add to that the fact the Jose is a pretty tidy player too and i think we are doing well.

All the focus seems to be on next season now. Whilst this is a little disappointing, i suppose it’s realistic. We are not going to get anything out of this season now. All we can hope for is to keep hold of our good players and then get out of the league at the third attempt. Look at Man City.

Any rich Sheiks out there?

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