Looking ahead

My jubilation after the Southampton game is a distant memory.

Watching Chris Powell’s post-match interview put into words something that we all probably knew, but just hadn’t said out loud…. That another season in League One beckons.

I can’t really comment intelligently on the Bournemouth game as I wasn’t there but it sounds like there were some great individual performances that salvaged a point.

But now we will probably find ourselves asking the same question that we had to ask at about this stage last year…. Which players won’t be happy to spend another year in League One? Thery Racon was a worry last season but given that he’s not been a first team regular this season I don’t suppose too many teams will be snooping around. The main worries have to be Rob Elliott and Bradley Wright-Phillips. (The rabbit with a goal-scoring habit according to the official website – I love it!)

When was the last time Charlton had a striker that scored regularly? Clive Mendonca? Andy Hunt? Years is the one word answer. Now we have one but surely mid table Championship teams and perhaps a few promoted from League One at the end of the year will see him as a good option. I know he has not long been with us but money talks. And so does ambition. I think a lot of it will come down to how good a job Chris Powell and the Chairman can do ‘selling’ their vision to the players worth keeping. (And shipping out those that aren’t….) A good striker and a reliable goalkeeper are both vital and we don’t have decent backup options for either of these should we lose them.

The one thing we have going for us in Elliott’s terms are that he is a Charlton fan and seems to genuinely love playing for the club. We could do with 10 more like him in the team.

So, that’s life. It won’t stop me supporting the team and I’ll bet it won’t stop a lot of you either, but it doesn’t stop it all being a bit depressing. There will be another clearout at the end of the season so Powell can get his squad in order but this is exactly what Parkinson did. It means that in August this year, we will be in the same position as last; a load of new players trying to play together.

It’s to Rochdale next and hopefully we can pick up a win which, after this depressing run, could psychologically give the team a lot more that three much needed points.

Come on you Reds….

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One Response to Looking ahead

  1. ExiledAddick says:

    “When was the last time Charlton had a striker that scored regularly? Clive Mendonca? Andy Hunt?”

    Are you forgetting Darren Bent? He wasn’t so long ago 🙂

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