The Southampton game…

Today i’m mildly in love with three things. In no particular order:

The sunshine, my annual leave allowance, and Christian Dailly.

I’m still buzzing from last night’s result, which is odd considering that it was only a point. But given our recent results, i genuinely expected a ‘cave in’ once that goal went in. The three guys next to me walked out before the net had even finished bulging but i never leave a game early, and last night proved why. There’s something about a game at night, under flood lights. The scruffy guy who stands next to you every week suddenly appears in a suit because he has come straight from work. Everyone has bought a Salmonella Burger from the burger van because they haven’t had time for dinner. It all adds to the atmosphere.

The guy at the ticket office gave me a ticket for the North Upper, despite me saying “north west” twice but never mind. It meant standing for the whole game but the atmosphere felt pretty electric, especially given that the overall turn out seemed pretty poor. (Maybe it was just my different view of the stadium that gave this impression?!)

There was some really good play last night. Admittedly most of it came too late but better late than never. There is still a tendency to smash it out of defence to no-one in particular, which only succeeds in giving possession back to the opposition.

Bradley Wright-Phillips looks pretty casual some times but i dont really care because he is doing something that a Charlton striker has not done for many years; score regularly.

Dean Parratt looked pretty good, and i won’t say any more than that because i’m feeling to urge to use a number of terrible bird related puns.

I also look at Christian Dailly and think, “i hope i’m as fit as he is when i’m 37”. He has been about as a player and, to be honest, could probably retire for an easy life being a pundit on TV or radio. He has been there, done that, is an experienced international (Albeit for Scotland!) and I love the fact that he is still playing, still has that desire and seems proud to play for Charlton, just like the players of a few years ago like Matt Holland and Keith Jones etc. Come the end of the season we must be sure to look beyond his age and give him another contract.

Llera and Racon were a pair of idiots for talking themselves into the book. I think whenever a player is booked for dissent they should be fined by the club and the money given to a local charity.

Reality check; it was only a point, but now i can’t wait until Bournemouth turn up. If we play like we did in the last 10 minutes then we can give them a bloody good spanking!!


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2 Responses to The Southampton game…

  1. Marco says:

    Bournemouth have already turned up!
    We are going down there.

    Love the name of your blog.

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